Win exquisite gift by placing PCB order, is it true?

2017/3/16 11:47:43

I got this news weeks ago. However, I have kept silence for long and not made up my mind yet. Who knows it is true or not. Honestly speaking, I haven’t met such activity from some PCB manufacturing websites like pcbtrain and epectec. I will not strange if getting customer discount, but a bit curious about this lottery draw in ALLPCB. It seems interesting and I’m a bit tempted now.
So I wonder if anyone has won a prize from this activity, just like winners below. Though I am not in a hurry to order PCB, I am deeply attracted by exquisite gifts offered in the website. Some are electronics such as cellphone, watch, and even IPad. Some are of Chinese characteristics such as silk scarf, table ware, and Chinese Knot, etc. I haven’t visited China yet and I don’t mind paying for the chance of winning such gifts, though it is a matter of probability. The key question is whether I can get gift after ordering PCB from ALLPCB, of course if I am lucky enough. Namely, is it true? If not, I won’t waste my time and money.
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