Why people prefered for 45 degree angles in PCB routing?

2016/9/15 11:08:09

I've fond that every single modern PCB is routed at 45 degree angle increments. Why does the industry prefer this so much? Doesn't any-angle routing works better?


2016/12/31 1:50:40

The reason is that it makes for an easier problem set, and let you earier to design.


2016/12/17 10:19:58

It is becuase 45°angles looks more tidy, and enables the most tracks to be put into a given area. It's also better for controlled impedance tracks.


2016/11/11 8:05:12

It is because many modern EDA packages let you push groups of traces, with the autorouter stepping in to allow one trace to force other traces to move, even during manual routing. This is also much harder to implement when you aren't confined to rigid 45°angles.


2016/10/2 22:34:36

In most of industrial PCBs, 45°angles is widely used is just because limitations on current routing software.

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