Who makes low cost vision equipment?

2017/4/30 14:33:59

I've been looking for a vision system which can check our fully mounted boards containing a mix of smt and thru hole. The concepts on all the machines are virtually the same, they got about 12-16 cameras, some pcb fixing and the rest is software. Some companies like Viscom and Orbitech have gone to the high extremes with thier designs and the price follows suit, around $290,000. Today I tested system called Opticheck from a company called M3 in Germany. It's just a simple scanner and some very intellegent software. This is only checking for placement errors and polarity errors, just what I need. Now comes the best part, the price : $45,000 for the inline model. Does anyone know this model or of anything similar?


2017/3/1 14:33:59

Marvelous posting.


2017/3/1 14:33:59

Great help to my new project.

javier mainar val

2017/3/1 14:33:59

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.


2017/3/1 14:33:59

Very valuable!

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