White tin immersion finish

2017/2/1 13:42:26

We are investigating alternatives to HASL finishes for more dense PWBs. OSP is not a good choice because of low solid flux and possibly long shelf life. Immersion gold is expensive and so far has been more difficult to wave solder. Has anyone had experience with a "White Tin" process? What material is "white tin". Can it be used interchangeably with HASL PWBs? Any help would be appreciated.

Keven Lohuds

2017/2/3 13:42:26

Your sharing is quite useful to my new project. Thanks a lot.

Amir Aliabadi

2017/2/3 13:42:26

Your article answered all my puzzles.


2017/2/3 13:42:26

Bravo! Hope you can write soon.


2017/2/3 13:42:26

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.

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