Which is the best program for schematics and PCB?

2016/4/15 22:08:00

As mentioned, which is the best program for schematics and PCB? Thank you


2016/9/25 13:50:59

AccelEDA is a very professional and stable tool. Orcad is very good, but somehow not intuitive. Protel is very much like orcad, but Orcad is better in the simulation area.


2016/8/17 12:31:32

It depends on how complex your printed circuit board is, and the cost you are willing to pay. For me, multisim is the best PCB tool to use, it is easy to use and simulate all the lab stuff.

Joshua Mulcahy

2016/7/27 3:27:55

Orcad products are generally easy to learn and use but they will not handle very complex boards which is why the higher price programs sell.

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