Where to make low volume quality PCBs

2017/2/28 22:22:43

Hi. In the past years I had made dozens of PCBs but now I am trying to get a professional finishing on them. The main problem is oxidation of the copper traces. Basically I use the silkscreen method to make the pattern in both layers and then etch. Later, I apply soldermask (by silkscreening too) in both layers and since I have to heat cure the soldermask in an oven, the copper oxidates too. I do not know which method will be better, if applying some kind of laquer, varnish, etc., (which also would be solderable too) and then apply the soldermask, or how I could stop the copper oxidation. Thank you very much for any help.


2017/3/2 22:22:43

Pretty good and useful info for beginners.

Bartosz Orzechowski

2017/3/2 22:22:43

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.

Sergio Vasconcelos

2017/3/2 22:22:43

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.


2017/3/2 22:22:43

Quite useful and impressive info.

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