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There are thousands of pcb manufacturers in the world, ofering pcb prototype, low volume pcb manufacturing, or online service platform. But which is the most fit for you? where can you find the reliable PCB manufacturers? How about their quality, price and lead time...

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Where can i buy circuit boards?
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Charlie Laub

I need some tips about rigid PCB,as I do not know which PCB is high-quality.Have you ever heard of any good PCB manufacturers? Wish somebody help me to give some advices.
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Jeronimo F Atencio

If you can't find a practice board online, then just design one yourself and get it made. Much cheaper than buying.

Luigi Salvatore

Just have them explain why you should use their services.It takes you some time,but you can feel and judgepersonally. I had good luck when buying from ALLPCB. 4PCB is also good,too.

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