What will you do to ensure your PCB works on the first try?

2016/11/3 23:24:48

What are the best way to avoid mistakes vs more subtle ones? Do you run over a checklist of things for each design? If so, what kinds of things are on it?


2017/1/1 1:46:41

The best error catching technique is to show it to someone else and step him or her through the design. So that someone sled will let you find the mistake you made.


2016/11/16 15:37:57

I use Electronics Design Checklist by Hank Wallace as a reference. It sums up the most important points to take care of in your schematics, PCB design, PCB assembly, ensuring testability, maintainability and more.


2016/11/14 14:18:03

At work where I mostly just do schematic review, and there are lots of people specialized on different parts of the process, and lots of resources. While at home I will not want to do a board turn.

Tony Stamm

2016/11/11 18:18:01

You can do the following two things: 1. Simulate 2. Do the PCB layout by yourself or someone you trusted can read a schematic and understant what might be the issues.


2016/11/5 23:24:48

Good resource for new beginners.

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