What standard PCB notes for me to use?

2016/4/15 8:08:02

I have seen wide varieties before, from too few to too many with boilerplate, old revisions of standards, etc. Can you suggest a middle of the road list?


2016/10/17 0:26:12

What you should use is as following: Board Name Company name Copyright year Thickness Board material type Copper weight Panelization instructions Tolerances


2016/7/24 14:42:53

I will add the following at what have been mentioned: Surface finish Lead free requirements or lack thereof Serialization requirements Allowed deviations from the design files color of solder mask Any specifications for controlled impedance Tolerances for board dimensions, drill registration, drill diameter. Fire safety rating, if required.

Gianni Trevisiol

2016/7/9 18:46:29

Panelization Tooling for PCB edges: V-cut or milling, PCB outline drawing with tolerances. This may be as simple as a rectangle, but this board's outline consists of 52 line segments Layout. If there's room for it, some shops like to add a quality logo and a production date to the silkscreen.


2016/4/17 8:08:02

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.

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