What should be done after PCB layout?

2016/10/17 11:40:23

After you've designed your circuit and have the PCB layout completed, how will you go about designing the enclosure?


2016/12/13 14:30:02

The physical design will be done in a drafting package such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks, and one of the outputs from this process will be the outline drawing for the PCB.


2016/12/7 13:56:19

Some PCB design packages will let you specify 3D models for components and then output the board as a CAD object. This is useful if the design needs to be really precise about clearances.


2016/11/21 23:43:34

Mechanical engineering with solidworks is a different skillset and profession. As it is said, the design has to proceed in parallel with communication between the two designers.

Ralph Hartwell

2016/11/17 17:25:38

Generally, the placement of input and output connections on a PCB is dictated at least in part by the enclosure design. This means that the enclosure design needs to be completed before you do the physical layout of the PCB.

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