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Electronic components are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads. Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function.

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What is the electronic component on a CPU? Is it transistor or not?
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Ciurdar Gabriel

I just know that all logical blocks and memory on CPU can be made out of transistors. So is it the only electronic component on CPU? If not, how are additional components like diodes, capacitors etc. added to CPU?
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Keven Lohuds

Most components on a CPU are transistors but other components are also needed. A diode is made from either a PN junction or a metal semiconductor junction with a suitable level of doping in the semiconductor. A capacitor can be made up of two conducti

jeorge daniel

Other components like diodes, resistors, capacitors and inductors etc will also be needed in a CPU.


For your question, the answer is, there are always some other eletronic components. Here are some examples: 1.Internal bypass capacitors: Actually these can be made just from transistor gates, but they are often also made in the metal layers. 2.ESD protec


If you mean the whole chip, then you might have any number of analog components: diodes for temperature measurement, analog to digital converters and so on.


It was truly informative. Your post is very useful.Many thanks for sharing!

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