What is the best pad size

2016/5/13 7:29:02

I am using a 14 position connector terminal block.It mentions a hole diameter of 1.2 mm and a pin dimension of 0.9 mm in the datasheet. Currently, I have noted 2.92 mm round pad with a 1.32 mm hole. So I have the following questions: 1) What size pad would be best? 2) Using the above pad size only leaves about 0.635 mm in between pads. Is that too close to solder? 3) What is the minimum suggested width between pads?


2016/12/1 8:09:39

From my previous experience, It's advisable to have some clearance on the pin diameters, so 0.9mm dia pin and 1.2mm dia hole is OK.


2016/6/7 21:17:06

You need to keep some distance between the pads. Your PCB manufacturer might need 0.01 inch between copper. If you need to run a trace between the pins you need smaller pads.


2016/5/15 7:29:02

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.

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