What are the differences between milled and etched PCB?

2016/10/12 18:28:14

I want to build some short run kits and need some PCB boards. I can have them built by a local manufacturer or use a small CNC mill to construct them myself. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?


2016/11/28 2:21:08

Etched pcbs are really cheap and the quantity you need could attract a decent discount. You also get silk screen printing and solder masking if you want them and, for any proper pcb I think this is essential.


2016/10/14 18:28:14

An interesting post.

Setyawan P. Sakti

2016/10/14 14:26:31

When mechanical milling removes the copper, it could affect the surface smoothness of the fiber glass /phenolic layer. This doesn't happen with etching.

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