What additions are good to add to a prototype PCB that makes your life easier?

2016/11/9 21:06:24

What are good quality of life additions to a prototype PCB? I have come across a few nice additions such as: LEDs for power and micro activity. Test points at important places in the circuit. Connecting a spare communication channel to a header. Are there others that are helpful?


2016/12/3 16:29:51

Make available liberal points of 0V and Vcc around the board. Sometimes the placement of cap's is enough but sods law dictates that the ONE signal you want doesn't have a convenient GND nearby, or when you need to add a cockroach mod there isn't a nearby power.


2016/11/11 14:42:05

If you are going on to a small production run, consider identifying every net that doesn't naturally connect to an external connector, and connecting it to a pin on a ribbon cable header. This can be a lower budget option than adding test points for a "bed of nails" fixture.

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