Wave soldering profiling

2017/2/3 0:03:53


I currently work on SMT department to uptimize all process. I've just selected the solder paste after testing 15 different products. To be able to do that, I had to create a procedure to evaluate each paste and to be sure that my profil was perfect. After doing that, I solved the problems of tombstoning and solder balls also.

Now I have to attact the wave soldering process. We currently use all information that solder wave supplier give me but I want to check if every temperature are respected correctly. Some times, we have some soldering problem after this step and I think the temperatures are not efficiency.

I've got a profiler for the reflow process so I'll be able to check the profil in the wave. I was wondering if there is also a profil to respect for wave soldering? Is there a document I can refer to get this information?


2017/2/5 0:03:53

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2017/2/5 0:03:53

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Antonio Semeraro

2017/2/5 0:03:53

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2017/2/5 0:03:53

Remarkable.It help me a lot. Thank you.


2017/2/5 0:03:53

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