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Heavy Copper PCB

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Heavy Copper PCB makes it possible to integrate high current circuits and control circuits to realize a highly dense, in a simple board structure. Heavy copper normally used for a various products but not limited to: high power distribution, heat dissipation, planar transformers, power convertors, and so on.

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Wave solder machines
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I am looking into buying a wave solder machine for medium production of 100% through hole boards (~8.5"X12" dimension, not many layers, no high density part areas, <50 boards per 8 shift, usually run 5-10 at a time).
I am looking at a new Spartan BEN Z-400-F wave solder machine because the low price for a brand new machine is attractive. I have not seen much of these being sold used and want feedback on: how they perform, reliability, parts/technical service accessibility, and if this is the right size machine for what we run.
Any other feedback on reliable, inexpensive wave solder machines would also be appreciated.
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