Wave Solder Immersion Depth

2017/2/2 3:24:58

Hey guys,
I ran a couple of profile in our wave solder machine using wave optimizer and this is what i got:
Parallelism = 0.0 Immersion Depth = 2.1mm to 2.4mm with varying immersion time from 1.1 sec to 3.1 secs. Contact Length = between 5.0 to 6.0 cm Dwell Time = from 2.8 secs to 4.5 secs I ran the above in different conveyor speed; from 80cm/min, 90 cm/min, 95 cm/min and 105 cm/min.
judging from the above wave data results am i correct to conclude the following?
a) our solder pot is too high since even when i reduced our lambda pump lower the immersion depth never changed. b) our contact length is set to 5 centimeters (proven when i measured using a glass plate). Is this too high? No matter how slow i ran the conveyor, my contact length was never below than 5 cm. c) if i lower the solder pot height, will my contact length will be reduced too? d) what's the correct range for contact length, immersion depth and dwell time ?
I'm currently encountering hips of solder shorts after wave soldering.

Chris Duca

2017/2/4 3:24:58

Impressive and helpful.


2017/2/4 3:24:58


Mauro Del Signore

2017/2/4 3:24:58

You are a genuis!


2017/2/4 3:24:58


Sebastien CRETENET

2017/2/4 3:24:58

Remarkable.It help me a lot. Thank you.

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