Wave solder bridging

2017/2/1 19:52:42

I do not have a lot of specs at the moment. I just wanted to get some opinions and some of you thinking. I will get some part specs and add to this post later.
WE are running a pretty big PCB and ther are some connectors on the edge of the board. The connector has a bridge about 98% OF THE TIME. We can rotate the board 180 and the connector still bridges. The connector is on the leading edge or trailing edge of the board flow. Any tips or suggestions.


2017/2/3 19:52:42

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Pierre Mainardi

2017/2/3 19:52:42

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Bruno Vicente

2017/2/3 19:52:42

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2017/2/3 19:52:42

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Jeff Hanenkrat

2017/2/3 19:52:42

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