Via Fault

2017/2/28 6:41:44

Hello, we have recently had some products returned (they were installed and operating in the field for around 2 months before they were returned). After looking at the boards it seems the vias have failed.
We now have 2 pc pcbs with the same Via fault, all other vias on the pcb look Ok.
Attached are some pictures of the failure. Any information regarding possible causes is appreciated.
The vias that are damaged are connected to the same net (they are in series).

Jose Valdiande

2017/3/2 6:41:44

Nice posting! Your sharing is quite in-depth and solves my puzzles all the time. I will keep reading your post.


2017/3/2 6:41:44

Have marked your post. Keep on your great job. Hope your next writing soon.


2017/3/2 6:41:44

Your sharing is quite useful to my new project. Thanks a lot.

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