Variable input/output relay

2017/2/28 4:46:07

I have a problem, I have a radio control unit, which I need to power some low voltage lighting, the radio control unit is also used for two other items so I need to use it, the problem is that the current spike that is required when turning on the low voltage lighting is to much so it would damage the radio reciever, I'm not sure of its current limits but I have been assured by the manufacturers that it wont work. I therefore need such a device that will have a variable voltage input, and then this will give a variable voltage output but with a increased current limit, A good one would be as stated, a relay with a variable input and output but I do not know of one, does anyone have any ideas ? The input voltage is 0-30 volts , the output needs to be 0-240 so for every 1 volt increase at the input the output needs to increase by 8 volts. Does anyone have any ideas for this ? Will it involve some kind of thyristor control or something along them lines ?
Any help would be great !

Emre Karabek

2017/3/2 4:46:07

very useful informations.


2017/3/2 4:46:07

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William Reeve

2017/3/2 4:46:07

Glad to read such a marvelous article here. You are a genius.

Michal Olszak

2017/3/2 4:46:07

I really appreciate your content.Good resource for new beginners.


2017/3/2 4:46:07

I must say you have very interesting posts here.

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