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Upward price of PCB board material tends to be smooth
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As mentioned in an article, "Limited by the greater pressure of environmental protection and other reasons, PCB board and other raw materials prices may continue to rise." After further following the situation of PCB and other raw materials, recently we’ve learned another situation: Overall, the price of raw materials such as storage chips is still showing an upward trend, "selling at high prices " is also a general situation, but the price rise of PCB board is far less than that at the beginning of the year, but gradually going smooth


Some upstream PCB supplier managers in the LED display industry said: “although there is still a small increase in the current price, but overall the rise has stabilized. Because the increase of labor costs, environmental costs and other factors, the current price of PCB board is unlikely to decline, but the gains are gradually slowing down.”

Under the influence of policy adjustment of raw material prices rise and other factors, although the price of copper and other raw materials is still high, the rally was basically stable. Coupled with the previous production capacity is gradually released, the cost of the enterprises share comes down, so the recent prices of PCB board are slightly more stable.

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