Universal PCB project lets you make any controller console agnostic

2017/2/23 22:04:53

The Universal PCB project lets you make any controller (specifically arcade sticks) console agnostic. A PIC microcontroller is used to translate between the button presses and the signals for the specific console you’re connected to. It uses a DB15 for the external plug. The PIC knows which console you’re plugged into based on which pins are high or low in your console specific adapter cable. The board includes a piggyback plug so you can plug in an Xbox360 controller board (like the one above) since the console requires authentication. The PIC’s firmware is conveniently upgradeable over the USB cable.


2017/2/25 22:04:53

I really appreciate your content.Good resource for new beginners.


2017/2/25 22:04:53

Your sharing is quite useful to my new project. Thanks a lot.

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