uBGA rework and X-Ray inspection

2017/2/27 6:16:12

Hello - I am currently evaluating uBGA rework and X-Ray inspection solutions. I would like any advice/warnings etc. regarding suppliers and equipment. I have already researched through the threads in this forum and have created a list of recommended equipment. I am starting with A.T.E. Sniper, Conceptronic Freedom 2000, Air Vac DRS24C, and SRT for the rework staions. Several of the suppliers also offer a x-ray system. Please share your experiences regarding effectivity of product, ease of use, training, service support, hidden costs (i.e. special tooling, etc.), mean time to rework a uBGA device and whatever else I haven't thought of to this point. Thank you in advance.


2017/3/1 6:16:12

Many thanks. Your idea is very valuable. Will certainly share this post with my pals.


2017/3/1 6:16:12

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.


2017/3/1 6:16:12

Great article! Keep up the great writing.

Andre Bosshard

2017/3/1 6:16:12

Like this post very much.

William Reeve

2017/3/1 6:16:12

Glad to read such a marvelous article here. You are a genius.

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