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Transition Automation Unveils New Generation Programmable
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Award-Winning Invention Gives a Boost to Lead-Free SMT Assembly

Transition Automation, Inc. successfully introduced and demonstrated a new generation of its award-winning Self-Cleaning Squeegee System, the Permalex Paste Manager at the recent Productronica show. The new system, incorporating a powerful, motorized, compact assembly, achieves a 90% reduction in solder paste adhesion. The system uses a small shuttle blade, which reciprocates back and forth along the front face of the main metal squeegee. Any solder paste which may remain attached to the squeegee is cut away by the precision sliding action of the blade.
Transition Automation has received two awards for the remarkable Permalex Paste Manager Self-Cleaning Squeegee System, the Global Technology Award, presented by Global SMT & Packaging, and the IPC Innovative Technology Award. In the course of the last year, Transition Automation has redesigned this system to be ready to drop into a wide selection of popular in-line and batch SMT printing systems.
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