To recycl SMT Reels

2017/2/28 16:08:09

I'm Currently looking for any and all viable options for recycling SMT reels and all associated plastics. Several years ago SemiCycle supported all 3 packaging types, but currently only supports trays.
Several vendors will support tray recycling, but I am looking for a single point of recycling contact that would be able to handle all mostly reels material.
If anyone knows of any companies that currently support this type of recycling, please let me know.
thank you

Enrico Gensale

2017/3/2 16:08:09

It is pretty helpful to my daily learning.

José luis cordoba

2017/3/2 16:08:09

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.

Robin Moons

2017/3/2 16:08:09

A good piece of info for learning.

Stephen Liddle

2017/3/2 16:08:09

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.

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