To "mirror" or not to "mirror"?

2016/4/22 12:15:13

A double-sided PCB requires two SMD capacitors to be mounted on the bottom side. In the "package" page I can specify the layers where each element must be. May I use these settings for a specific device so that the .brd layout always assigns this device to the bottom? Or do I make a regular device and use mirror when designing the .brd file?


2016/10/24 14:46:41

As far as I can see, the main one is it's easier to work "right side up" than in a reversed view. Plus, there's no reason to have "top" components and "bottom" components.

Joshua Mulcahy

2016/6/19 16:08:18

If you lay out all your packages for the top layer, then mirror is necessary to put on the bottom.

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