To Measure Board Deflection

2017/2/28 4:56:56

Hi Guy's..
Been a long time since I've been on the forum so let's start by saying..dave..great recipe!!!..
Anyway's why am I on for...ha yes board deflection
Wave soldering is a fun past time at best, it's made even more fun when your board deflection over the wave is such taht you get your chip's knocked off the bottomside or things crash in the machine. So what I'm loooking for is a pointer in the direction of some device either mechanical or electrical that will measure and record the deflection of a board over time.
I'm sure there must be something but so far I can't find one and I'm dreading the thought of having to design something...


2017/3/2 4:56:56

Thanks for the article. Very valuable.


2017/3/2 4:56:56

Very valuable!


2017/3/2 4:56:56

This post is really interesting.


2017/3/2 4:56:56

Marvelous posting.

Davit Zargaryan

2017/3/2 4:56:56

Appreciate your sharing.Please keep up your updates.

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