To make super cheap PCB

2017/5/23 11:18:26

All the time,I am looking for a place to make super cheap PCB. Of course,I want the boards quality is fine,too.

The boards can be made anywhere in the world, all I care is the PCB manufacturers ship me in the end.
If possible,I hope they can make boards as my expectation,in other words,everything as promised.Any recommendation?Thanks!

Eduardo Gonzalez

2017/5/24 9:38:12

I have used Olimex before and had great results.Turnaround is normally 3-5 days plus shipping time. Prices include tooling is reasonable.

Fredrick Lantz

2017/5/23 13:55:05

Iteadstudio will do small quantity.
PCB Size Options:
Smaller than 5cm x 5cm
Smaller than 5cm x 10cm
Smaller than 10cm x 10cm
Larger than 10cm x 10cm
Larger than 20cm x 20cm
Larger than 30cm x 30cm
PCB Quantity:
5 Pcs 10 Pcs or more.
Color Options:
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White


2017/5/23 11:35:16

Good quality and attractive price, every buyer wants to get both of them. seeedstudio and BatchPCB look like pretty good deals for boards.

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