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PCB Prototyping

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PCB prototyping is the step before bulk production. There are many manufacturers, who offers PCB prototyping. How to find the most cost-effective PCB manufacturers with high quality and quick turnround?

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To get cheaper price for low volume PCB prototype
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Eibert Draisma

When it comes to PCB manufacturing, honestly, cheap price and low volume are hard to go together. Some manufacturers will penalize your board with others’ board to reduce cost, but bringing you strict requirements at the same time. Such as the numbers of the layers, size of drill and line spacing, etc.
Advanced Circuits offers cheap PCBs (may be 10$ per board) for low volume PCB prototype, this is good. But I still want a cheaper price, and then I think I should try from several ways. First, I need to find more fabrication websites for reference. China has rich resource and I’ve found pcbcart and allpcb, etc.
Transparent price is necessary. I hate additional costs come forward. The quote system in two websites makes spending listed clearly without additional costs. To me, I prefer allpcb, the price is a bit cheaper and I can select manufacturers freely. I can also know the shipping cost in allpcb but have to register in pcbcart.
Coupons are very helpful to reduce cost, too. I have got many by scoring PCBs and offering feedback before. In pcbcart, I only find customer evaluation, while easily seeing customer reviews in home page of allpcb. With the PCBs showed by others, I’ve learned that most orders are low volume and quality seems good. Well, it seems that suits me better.
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Eduardo Gonzalez

Agree! money can be saved by many ways and I would like to try some.

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