Tips for the high-frequency PCB design above 2G

2017/5/16 15:28:25

High-Frequency PCB design with more than 2G, you should notice several tips for routing and typesetting.The high-frequency PCB above 2G is a radio frequency circuit design, which is beyond the discussion of high-speed digital circuit design. The layout and routing of the RF circuit should be taken into account with the schematic, since the layout and routing will cause a distributed effect. Moreover, the RF circuit designs some passive components through the parameter definition and special shape copper foil, so EDA tools should provide parametric devices and edit special shape copper foil. Mentor's boardstation has a dedicated RF design module that meets these requirements. Moreover, the general RF design requires special RF circuit analysis tools, and the eesoft of agilent is the most famous which have a good interface with Mentor tools.Besides,RF micro-strip design should use three-dimensional field analysis tool to extract the transmission line parameters. All rules should be specified in extraction tools.

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