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PCB Layout

Tips for circuit board layout
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1. To prevent the signal line in the formation of self-loop between different layers, self-loop will cause radiation interference.

2. Short-term rules: wiring should be as short as possible, especially important signal lines, such as the clock line. So please be sure to place the oscillator away from the device close.


3. Chamfering rules: PCB design should avoid sharp and right angles, resulting in unnecessary radiation and bad the process performance.
4. The line between filter capacitor pad to the connection plate should be 0.3mm thick, the length of the connection should be ≤1.27mm.
5. In general, the high frequency part is located in the interface part to reduce the wiring length. At the same time you should also consider the high/low frequency part of the plane; usually they are divided and then connected by a single point in the interface phase. lang=EN-US> 1.27mm.

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