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Tight supply leads to price increases in PCB industry
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Michal Olszak

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, lithium battery demand surge; lithium copper foil demand also increases rapidly, so its supply began to lack. Shortages are being conducted to the standard copper foil industry and the entire electrolytic copper industry continues to be short.Lithium battery demand surge also led to increased demand for fiberglass cloth, the price rose from 3000RMB to 8000RMB or more.Raw material prices raise is gradually transferred to the middle and lower reaches of CCL and PCB industry, inducing a new round of the industrial chain cycle.

The rapid development of the electronics industry makes PCB usage steadily increase. PCB industry downstream covers the computer equipment, automotive electronics, communications equipment and other fields. Due to labor, transportation and other reasons, since 2000, its global electronics industry chain has began to transfer to the mainland. China has become the world's largest output and fastest growing PCB manufacturing base.

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Teo Anca

I think different industry will influence with each other.

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