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PCB Manufacturing

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PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

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The way to Etch PCB boards at Home
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We received many messages from electronics Makers asking for PCB making tips. In order to help them successfully etch their circuit board at home, we present this step-by-step home PCB etching tutorial.
PCB etching is a big topic in electronics Maker community. It's something every electronics enthusiast will set hand to when he or she steps into electronics DIY world. Though it looks like a very simple procedure, it does require determination and perseverance as the procedure generates strong-smelling hazardous chemicals.
Generally speaking, PCB etching procedure contains four main steps, namely PCB Design, Exposure to light, Imaging and PCB Etching. Primary material and tools for etching printed circuit boards includes etchant (we recommend green etchant, it's riendly to our environment), developer, two plastic plates (a big one and a small one), a sprinkling can, a brush, a PMMA (5mm), a light-sensitive plate and some protection tools including gloves, protection glasses and an apron.

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