The way of soldering headers in PCB assembly

2016/9/18 20:35:08

During large quantity PCB assembly, are SMD headers easier or harder to assemble than DIP ones?

Antonio Rubio Llorca

2016/12/30 3:51:21

You don't have to do wave soldering for the THT parts. There's a technique called THR, which refers to through-hole reflow that works for certain components like connectors.


2016/10/6 21:30:26

If you mix SMT with THT , you may need to do wave soldering after reflow soldering for single-sided board. Assembling pin in paste connections by design is a way to avoid this problem. Hole size and paste aperture size are selected to reflow the THT header at same time as SMT parts. Consult with Process Engineers for best results.

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