The way of routing a 4 layer PCB

2016/6/26 21:08:29

I am currently routing a 4 layers PCB and thinking how to connect the ground and power planes to the connector and components that need them.


2016/12/13 11:59:48

You can use a via to connect from the signal planes to the internal power or ground plane.


2016/11/12 5:49:33

A via can help to connect to a ground plane. In case of surface-mount component, there is separate via connected to the surface-mount pad. In case of throughole component, the pin is soldered into the via.

Colin Durbridge

2016/9/6 19:53:35

As someone answered for thru-hole components, I want to answer for SMD components. Connect the ground or power leads to short traces. A via placed on those traces should automatically connect to the appropriate plane.


2016/8/30 12:07:20

For thru-hole components, pins connected to the Vcc or GND nets will be automatically connected to the power or ground planes as needed.


2016/7/2 3:37:54

If you put a big copper plane for ground on layer 2 and another one for power on 3 and assign them to the ground and power nets. PADS will automatically connect them when you flood the copper.

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