The way of removing high precision soldering of through hole components

2016/11/1 21:31:01

I have a through hole component with many leads spaced closely together, I'm looking to remove it from the PCB and then solder it back again. But the leads are spaced so closely and the beads of solder are so tiny, so I am afraid I can not do it by myself. What technique was used by the manufacturer of this board to achieve such high precision in soldering this component? What advice do you have for replicating this work at home while achieve the same quality result?


2016/12/20 11:35:18

The precision soldering you talked is not so high. It may be either hand or wave soldered. No equipment is necessary. With proper soldering iron and generous amount of flux, you can make it much nicer than it is now.

Balázs Sz?cs

2016/12/5 7:58:52

Thin solder can help a lot, a bit of flux would be a great help, but I think use this way for this small work is a kind of waste.


2016/11/13 14:58:23

The spacing between any two leads is abou 1mm, so you can use your soldering iron if you can buy a thinner tip.


2016/11/3 21:31:01

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.

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