The way of protecting silk-screen from scratching?

2016/6/8 22:41:15

I am interested how can I protect silk layout on my PCB which is made with toner transfer method from scratching with nail or with skrewdriver:eek: or so?


2016/12/23 14:09:22

If you go with a light coat prior to soldering that the toner will not run. If you put too much on it will become hard to solder.


2016/11/15 11:59:57

Polyurethane clear spray stays stick too long and I am not sure if it will burn off like acrylic does. Regardless of what you use go with a very light coat now and a heavier one after soldering.

Gyorgy Koncseg

2016/11/10 7:44:08

The trick is to spray a fog coat. Let it get tacky to hard, then another coat and so forth. The first coat will dry almost instantly and will not smudge the toner-transfer. Subsequent coats can be heavier. I suspect three, maybe four, coats done as described will give a glossy finish and not noticeably affect the toner.


2016/6/10 22:41:15

Your post answered my questions. Thanks a lot.

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