The way of placement

2016/6/7 12:28:19

I try to completely place all components on iMX6 board.I see that its difficult.I have some questions:. 1What is the ordering of your placement?I will group all component in 5 type. 1.Do you fanout BGA after placing key component to see how many space we need or you fanout BGA after place all component? 2.What is the ordering of your placement?


2016/6/18 15:56:15

As for question 2, you may want to start with defined components and positions, then continue with CPU + memories, other chips, power supplies, finish with small components.

José luis cordoba

2016/6/16 20:02:11

For your question 1, I fanout and placement at the same time. Initially I do simple placement under CPU, then I move everything what should be under CPU out of the board and start from middle placing vias and components back.


2016/6/9 12:28:19

Perfect post that I need. Enjoy reading it.

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