The way of moving filled zone to copper layer

2016/8/22 23:59:04

I'm making a PCB using a .bmp file as canvas for my design included in the eco1 user. There is no DRC used.The PCB type is using very large zones of copper and to avoid to place many tracks one after the other I would like to use filled zones but I don't know how to get copper for this areas ?


2016/11/30 8:50:11

If I understand what you mean is attaching in the little window, when you reply, there are buttons at the top of it. One is the upload button.

Javier Martínez

2016/11/20 6:00:48

For the net anything like a piece of track or a pin of a device works. The nets must be the same for the pour and the pin.

Nigel Nichols

2016/9/7 15:18:56

You need a net that contacts the zone for the copper fill to work. Without a net, the copper pour won't pour.

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