The way of label components changing between PCB versions

2016/12/28 19:11:02

 I have a current version of my PCB, and I'll make a new one where I will delete some resistors here and add some more there.

For numbering, is there any common rules? Should I re-use the numbers of deleted resistors for the new ones, should I re-number everything to avoid holes in the numbering sequences, or should I leave the holes in the sequence for the deleted resistors and add the new ones at the end of the sequence ?

Francisco Mesa

2016/12/30 11:00:45

I prefer to use numbering of components based on the functional block staring with 100, 200, and do on.


2016/12/30 10:59:41

I generally leave the designators the same after a new review if there is even a slight chance that someone might refer to old documentation while looking at the new board. It keeps continuity between the revs so that a technician can still follow the old schematic when troubleshooting the new board and positional references in documentation will still be accurate.


2016/12/30 10:58:17

You should leave the holes, it lets the schematics and the PCB indicate a mismatch if someone has to repair or diagnose such a device one day in the future.

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