The way of covering up exposed high voltage pcb traces

2016/10/1 14:55:30

The thick lines of my PCB should be able to pass a high voltage signal through it. The board will be kept inside a enclosed box. I think my boar5d is relatively safe. However, there is still a question: what are some ways to cover up exposed signals?


2016/12/13 22:20:10

In situations like that, high voltage traces are exposed when the cover is removed for maintenance I have added a plexiglass cover over the PC board.


2016/10/20 0:49:18

If you have arranged all the connections on the bottom side of the board and then mounted the board in the enclosure with the bottom of the board facing to the base of the enclosure then this leaves things about as safe as you can get without excessive other measures.

Safiq Rosyad

2016/10/3 8:56:38

You don't need to cover anything up.

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