The way of choosing trace width for very high current PCB

2016/11/14 12:09:45

I am designing a PCB layout for my team's high current, high voltage project and am having trouble with choosing my trace width. The circuit is composed of 12 inductors placed in series with short traces connecting them together. We are feeding 10μs pulses at ~300A/1000V at a maximum rate of 10 pulses per second by discharching capacitor banks into the coils. The capacitors are recharged by an external source. As determining trace width for very high current pulses, is there a rule?


2016/12/30 13:42:05

I will use PCBs with thick copper, 70 or even 105 μm instead of 35 μm. Some fab house offer boards with 210 or 400 μm copper. If a trace 20 mm wide and 35 μm thick is too large, think about 2 mm wide traces with 400 μm.


2016/12/30 0:59:20

You need at a minimum a track that can handle 10A continuous.

Roberto Burchi

2016/11/19 3:45:03

It is not the current that matters, it is heat. The current will heat up your copper on top of the FR4.

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