The way of aligning mount holes in 2 pcb

2016/12/29 11:06:50

I'm tring to make some sort of shield board:

1.The first board was made in orcad, I have source gerber files and so on.
2.I'm making a 2nd board in eagle.

When trying to align the boards mount holes and connectors I am having some trouble.

I tried exporting PDFs of each board and importing into gimp and inkscape, but the boards get revised and I am afraid it doesnt work.

What would be the right way to do this?


2016/12/31 13:54:54

The trick was: Take reference coordinates from orcad, then make a calculus in excel , to transpose to eagle relative coordinates. After that, you should apply relative coordinates to eagle board. At last,export to DXF in eagle and laser cut the eagle board in Plexy glass.


2016/12/31 13:53:13

You can use DXF, which is designed for this.

DXF is a file format. It stands for Drawing Exchange Format... as in exchanging CAD data between systems.


2016/12/31 11:09:28

The mount holes are likely to be a specific drill size and there's usually not many of them. Open the drill file in any text editor and read the raw coordinates, they won't be too hard to find. When you're done, generate a drill file from the new board and compare holes for the appropriate drill size with the original.


2016/12/31 11:06:50

I have share it with my classmates. They all appreciate it a lot.

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