The reason of DRC flag pad near pad for non-copper layers

2016/8/18 13:32:22

When running a DRC check in PCBnew, I get a host of ErrType Pad near pad errors for non-copper layers. Why would I care about non-copper layers?


2016/12/30 20:05:37

Maybe your silk print is on the pad, which is no good for production. So some fabs will ignore, some not. As a rule, there should be no silk print on pad. So the DRC flag pad near pad for non-copper layers.


2016/12/9 15:14:59

I guess they're for solder masks or paste masks where you have minimum distances to obey.

Sumedha Dharmathilak

2016/9/10 23:54:14

I am not clear of the identification of the part in your question. Could you give us more information?


2016/9/7 12:31:44

I think that squawk is telling you there is a clearance problem between Pads, and that the two pads are defined in some non-copper layers as well as the top trace layer.


2016/8/20 13:32:22

Really helpful.

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