The problem of PCB making

2016/5/2 20:36:28

I have decided to make a PCB with the help of traditional methods with clothes iron. The problem now is in the peeling process, there is a thin paper layer that is hard to remove , when I try to remove it with my hand the ink gets removed with it too.


2016/12/16 16:50:14

When trying this way, I used rice paper because it dissolves in water better.


2016/11/24 15:27:07

Maybe you have the etched board. If you can't remove the toner with solvent, use a fresh razor blade as a scraper. Just slide it under the resist and do a final clean up with solvent.

Jose Valdiande

2016/7/2 13:10:58

You can use acetone or MEK to remove the ink. Nail polish remover can be used, but it is more expensive and may leave some residue.


2016/5/4 20:36:28

What you share on your post is quite useful.

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