The problem of deleting a value in eagle

2016/6/10 22:33:20

I am trying to remove the values that eagle draws on the board by default. There is a component that I wish to delete the value but it came up with error saying "Can't backannotate this operation. Please do this in the schematic". What I do is typing in sma to smash the components and then typed in dele to delete the values so I understand how to delete value names. Why did this error happen?


2016/10/29 19:24:37

If you could upload the sch and pcb files and specifiy what changes you need, a clear reply could be obtained faster.

Keven Lohuds

2016/6/21 19:08:31

If you have the schematic developed for the same, you need to change the concerned values there. later they would be copied into layout automatically.

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