The Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks Decling Requirements of PCB-Mount Header

2017/1/29 8:58:07

By plugging directly to the edge of standard 0.062" pc boards and being firmly secured by an engagement latch, COMBICON-EDGE pluggable terminal blocks eliminate the need for a pcb-mount header. The blocks use a spring-cage connection for a quick, reliable wire termination. Any number of positions can be established by aligning individual terminal blocks. The ZEC Series is available with either 5-mm or 7.5-mm spacing.

Paolo Sanna

2017/1/31 8:58:07

A good piece of info for learning.

Andre Bosshard

2017/1/31 8:58:07

Like this post very much.

Fredrick Lantz

2017/1/31 8:58:07

Impressive and helpful.

Stean Fuhos

2017/1/31 8:58:07

Your sharing is quite useful to my new project. Thanks a lot.

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