The panelization of a Metal Core pcb

2016/7/17 9:33:12

What is a good way to panelise a Metal Core pcb, V-scoring or Tab-routing?


2016/12/18 6:50:39

All Metal Core pcb have used a combination of routing and v-scoring. Small drills are too brittle to drill mouse bites in aluminum.

Anton Forosenko

2016/11/13 0:05:42

I will also choose V-score. You can then either use a jig to break the boards apart or, if your volume is high, purchase a purpose-built de-panalize machine.

efem elec. co.

2016/8/4 2:16:15

V-cut is a good way to use. I would put two boards back to back,so that not straight side for both of them would be towards outside.

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