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PCB Prototyping

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PCB prototyping is the step before bulk production. There are many manufacturers, who offers PCB prototyping. How to find the most cost-effective PCB manufacturers with high quality and quick turnround?

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The name of this special type of PCB prototyping board
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I saw one prototyping board that was without copper through-hole vias, but instead had rectangular silver connectors that spanned multiple holes, the numbers are varied. It's almost like a quasi-breadboard PCB in its function. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm trying to find the picture of the hobbyist project I saw that used it.
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The name of them are various such as "Universal Component PC Board" and "Multipurpose PC Board".


On Digikey you can search for Prototyping Products - Prototype Boards - Perforated, and under the "circuit pattern" selection you will find items listed with Common Bus.


What you are lookin gfor is this: Velleman ECS2 2 Hole Island Euro Card It has the two hole pads you arelooking for.

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