The free use of Eagle 6 is ended?

2016/6/6 22:06:35

The lite option now on Eagle 6 shows a price of $72 for a 100x80mm routing area. Does it mean that the free use for personel is ended?


2016/12/27 15:12:45

I think there is still having free version of Eagle as I am still using V5.6., which was free.

Nigel Nichols

2016/12/10 23:11:15

I used to use Eagle several years ago but now changed to KiCad.

Javier Martínez

2016/10/4 20:02:59

I juat downloaded The free use of Eagle 6 is ended? several days ago. Installation gave the option to run as freeware, as per previous versions.

Andrew Ward

2016/7/31 7:52:41

Eagle may be work but I am thinking switching to a new oftware, such as DipTrace.

Greg Smart

2016/7/29 23:52:50

Maybe it do not mean that there is no free version, just have time limited of free version.

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